Mini American Shepherd Puppies


Sydney gave us an all-red litter of 5 beautiful Miniature American Shepherd pups on September 16, 2017. We have 2 red tri females, 2 red tri males, and 1 red merle female currently available.

All available puppies are sold at this time. Thanks to their families!

If you are interested in a puppy from a future litter, please fill one an application HERE. For FAQ about our breeding program, click HERE. To see some of our previous puppies' "Happy Tails," click HERE!


At Popchop's, the health and safety of our puppies is our BIGGEST priority. We understand that waiting for your puppy is often a long and tedious several weeks! However, to protect them, we do not allow outside visitors until they're ready to come home. Diseases like parvo are spread very easily just by going to places like your vet's office, a pet store, or a dog park, so we do not want to put our puppies and breeding program at risk by allowing outside visitors to come and handle them, possibly bringing in pathogens into our home by accident. During their first few weeks of life, a visit from an outside person would be very stressful for mom, and during the weaning stage but before vaccination time is when their immune systems are the most fragile, because they aren't getting immunity from mom anymore. SO after much deliberation and discussion with our veterinarian, we've decided that the safest solution is to not allow visitors. To help the waiting period pass, we will send you photos at least once a week so you can see your pup's progress, and also often post to our FACEBOOK page!


Red Tri Male 2

RESERVED for Garrett and Beaux! Thank you!

Red Merle Female

RESERVED for the Fueslier Family of Lake Charles, LA!

Red Tri Female 1

RESERVED for Charlotte of Lacombe, LA. Thank You!

Red Tri Female 2

RESERVED - Thank you!

Red Tri Male 1

RESERVED - Thanks!