Miniature American Shepherds


At Popchop's Miniature American Shepherds, we strive to provide the healthiest, happiest AKC MAS puppies possible! Puppies are born and raised in our home, and will be socialized with several adults, children of all ages, other dogs, & many different animals from the day they're born. We're very active in the physical and mental development of our puppies. Our puppies are fed premium-quality grain-free diet to assure that they start off as healthy as possible! The future of each and every puppy born here is of the utmost importance to us. We strive our hardest to form relationships with each family who brings one of our puppies into their home, and love to receive updates and photos as the puppies grown. We stand by our puppies for their entire lives, and will always be willing to take back a dog we produce, at any point in it's life, if the owner is no longer able to provide it with the care that it needs.


What is the different between Miniature American Shepherds and  Miniature Australian Shepherds?
There is no difference, except for registry. When becoming a fully recognized AKC breed, we had to come into the registry as a separate breed rather than a size variation of Australian Shepherd, due to AKC's new regulations on size varieties. This breed still comes from 100% standard Australian Shepherds.

How much can I expect to pay for my Miniature American Shepherd?
Our price range for our MAS puppies is typically $700-$1200, with spay/neuter agreements. Full breeding rights are only available on a very limited basis to approved breeders.

We do not take deposits for puppies until AFTER puppies have arrived and have had their tails & dew claws dock and newborn vet check.

When my MAS puppy is ready to come home, what will he/she come with?
All of our puppies get their newborn vet check at 2-3 days old, and also have their tail/dew claws docked at this time. At 8 weeks old they will get a 2nd vet check, vaccinations, and preregistered microchip. They will also be UTD on dewormings. We also will send them home with a puppy starter pack (food samples, toys, vet records, AKC registration application).

What if I do not live in your area? What transportation options are available?
We take shipping/transport on a case-by-case basis. We prefer to drive our puppies over shipping, if possible. Transportation can be made available on a case-by-case basis. If you are from another area, contact us and we can talk with you about what options are available.

Do I have to live on a farm or a lot of land for my Miniature American Shepherd to be happy?
Absolutely not, and this is a common misconception. We've had puppies go to farm homes, and puppies go to homes in 1 bedroom apartments. As long as you have the time to dedicate your MAS play time/exercise daily, they are capable of thriving in almost any living environment.

How are they with children?
As with any dog of any breed, your MAS has the capability of being an excellent family dog, as long as they are trained properly. We have many puppies in homes with children of all ages, and their families love them!

How big do Miniature American Shepherds get?
Breed standard for Miniature American Shepherds states that they should be between 14"-18" at their withers (shoulder). As far as weights, our dogs range from around 20lbs-35lbs. We have no guarantees for the adult size/weight of our puppies, because variations in this general range (both smaller and bigger) have and do occur with this breed. We feel they are a sturdy, medium sized breed of dog. Puppy size compared to his/her littermates does not always reflect adult size.